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At Veronica Whetsel Integrative Physical Therapy in Annapolis, Maryland, our mission is to help you live your life with more freedom to move, think, breathe and do the things you love…pain-free, lessening the need for medications and surgery.

Using a Functional and Lifestyle Medicine approach, we can help you live life to the fullest by equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary to reveal your body’s own powerful healing potential. This involves honest conversations, compassionate care, encouragement and whole-body movement to promote self-advocacy and self-care.

Private Sessions

With 1-on-1 sessions in Physical Therapy, Medical Therapeutic Yoga or Pilates training, we will create a solid plan to get you on the right path towards optimal healing.

In-Studio Classes

Come and experience Medical Therapeutic Yoga & Pilates group classes to keep your mind, body and soul healthy!


Check out our Physical Therapy, Medical Therapeutic Yoga and Pilates workouts videos.

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