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YouTube Videos

Would you like to try my Medical Therapeutic Yoga and Pilates classes but can't make it into my studio on a regular basis? Is it more convenient for you to squeeze in a 10 minute workout from your own living room? Maybe you just want to get a feel for my classes and teaching style before committing to a live practice. My YouTube Channel can offer you many choices, from beginner to intermediate levels, for rehab or fitness!

In-Studio Classes

Join me in my beautiful studio located in Annapolis, Maryland for a dynamic, energetic Medical Therapeutic Yoga & Pilates group practice! Meet other like-minded people and get connected in your community! Space is limited to 12 clients per class, so be sure to book ahead of time!

Private Sessions

Do you need a consultation to properly diagnose and treat your conditions? Are you looking for an experienced movement specialist who can guide you through a safe, effective and customized workout? I offer clinical expertise and intuition using a biopsychosocial approach to provide the best Physical Therapy, Medical Therapeutic Yoga and Pilates in my Annapolis office. We will develop a solid plan together to help you finally take the right path towards healing!

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Thank you for visiting my website.  I hope that I can provide a service to you that will change your life for the better...or rather the very best! I have a strong passion for what I do; healing people with evidence-based medicine, using the gift of intuition and creative thinking, applying many years of clinical experience, and prioritizing compassion, encouragement and absolute enthusiasm!

My mission is to work together with you in a solid partnership -- To help you reach your greatest potential towards pain-free living, freedom from dependence on medications and injections, prevent unnecessary surgeries, unlock your potential for gut-brain-body healing, and provide accountability!

You can live a fulfilling life, getting your pain and stress under control -- by sharing your story with someone who will truly listen and help you identify your root dysfunctions -- by seeking functional and integrative physical therapy!

Grace and Peace,