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COVID-19 Latest Update 3/15/2020

Dear Clients,

Thank you for your patience as I gather pertinent information from professionals at all levels of the COVID-19 response. 

VWIPT office & studio will be closed Monday, March 16 until Sunday, April 5, 2020There will be no in-person physical therapy, Pilates training or Wellness visits, and no community Medical Therapeutic Yoga and Pilates group classes. 

I will be offering online classes, video conferencing for private PT, yoga and Pilates and training using the Zoom Conferencing Platform. 

In order to engage, you will need a good internet connection, a smart phone or laptop that will download this free Zoom app, a yoga mat and maybe a few props and a designated space to move your body. 

I will help you set up your Zoom account if this is new for you. Once you schedule appointments or classes, you will have access to my private Zoom conference code. 

*Private appointments will be offered in several ways: 

1. Keep your currently scheduled appointments and connect via Zoom 

2. Email or text me to set up a new appointment to connect via Zoom

3. Schedule on my website and choose “Wellness Zoom Session w/Veronica 55 min” Here:

You may use your prepaid visits for these online Zoom sessions, or purchase discounted individual sessions online ($60/ half hour; $120/hour)

These virtual appointments will offer many of the things we cover in-person: 

-Updates on your rehab or wellness process

-Urgent Care advice and instruction for current flare-ups 

-Answering any questions and concerns 

-Customized instructions on movement, therapeutic exercise, core stability, stretching and Pilates & Yoga flowing workouts and yoga postures

-Customized instruction on self-assessment and self-correction of joint asymmetry and self trigger point release

-Health Coaching on the 5 Laws of Physical, Mental and Emotional Health using visual aids, power point slides and assigning ”homework” to optimize your wellness, reach weight management goals, reduce chronic inflammation, improve detoxification, improve sleep, reduce stress, and more. 

*Group Classes will be offered on Zoom:

-Pilates Mat Classes: TTH 9-10am

-Medical Therapeutic Yoga Classes: TTH 10:30-11:45am

You may use your prepaid visits for these online Zoom sessions, or purchase classes online or via email. New Student 1st Class is Free. 

Schedule here:

I will be filming from my studio and guiding you through each warm-up, functional movement self-assessment, diaphragmatic and power breathwork,  flowing Pilates or yoga moves, and a closing guided meditation. 

We will be together in community on our computers or phones and interact the same as we do in class!

In the meantime, as my family and I are preparing for social distancing, spending more time together, completing home projects, having our kids out of school and “home-schooling” (my Kindergartener Naomi is out of school until April 5)…

I will be praying for each and every one of you for God’s protection, good health and continuous healing. Please email me privately for any specific prayer requests you have and I will be honored to lift these requests up during my prayer and meditation time. 

I invite you in the coming weeks, to consider meditating daily on these beautiful Bible verses that will speak comfort, hope and encouragement to your heart during uncertain times:

Love, Grace and Peace,


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Using a Functional and Lifestyle Medicine approach, we can help you live life to the fullest by equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary to reveal your body’s own powerful healing potential. This involves authentic conversations, compassionate care, encouragement and whole-body movement to promote self-advocacy and self-care.

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