Hello, and Welcome!

It is great to be back. I’ve been on an 18 month hiatus from my professional career as a PT, staying home with my third child. I haven’t been in private practice since 2008. While I was sole owner of Mission Physical Therapy and Fitness, LLC from 2004-2008, I loved the autonomy and quality time spent with my patients. I’m simultaneously excited and overwhelmed to get this Integrative Physical Therapy practice up and running again. I no longer work for insurance-based outpatient practices that are busting at the seams…so being on my own means I get more time to spend with you, my family and friends (a true medical therapeutic balance) and not with medical coding, billing and endless documentation, which potentially diminishes your experience of personalized medicine. 

I hope to use this website to inform, educate, encourage, and inspire those who seek answers for pain relief, true healing and full restoration. I’m here to spread the word about Medical Therapeutic Yoga For The 21st Century- how it has changed my life and how it can change yours too!

Please feel free to comment or inquire. I look forward to interacting with you!

Grace & Peace,


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