Is Integrative PT right for you?

Are you exercising to build or maintain strength, but sometimes feel worse during or afterwards and experience increased pain in your back, neck, knees or hips?

Do you have a known medical condition that might be worsened with certain exercises and you’re just not sure how to safely modify them for your specific condition? And your instructor or personal trainer isn’t sure either?

For example: Pilates with osteoporosis? Yoga with spinal stenosis? Boot Camp with herniated discs or sciatica? Kettle bell with a torn rotator cuff? TRX with knee arthritis, an old ACL tear, or a total joint replacement? Barre with scoliosis, MS, or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome? 

Do you have a sudden or long-term nagging injury that needs to be addressed, but you are too busy or just unmotivated to go see the doctor and endure that whole, frustrating “process” where you waste a significant amount of time waiting in the office and filling out forms? Only to spend less than 15, 10, or even 5 minutes face-to-face with them?

Have you actually tried outpatient physical therapy or other CAM providers and been told you have “plateaued” and there is nothing more that can be done for you?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Integrative Physical Therapy may be able to provide the right solutions for you.

Veronica Whetsel Integrative PT is now offering onsite physical therapy in Annapolis, MD. Veronica is a Maryland Licensed Physical Therapist, Professional Pilates Instructor, and Professional Yoga Therapist Candidate. She has over 13 years of experience treating patients holistically, using evidence-based medicine combined with manual therapy and mind-body awareness training. Her passion is to help restore normal function to dysfunctional bodies after studying the root issues, and fully educate her patients on the Dos and Don’ts with regards to exercise and pathologies to help them feel confident and safe.

Physical therapy is functional medicine. It should teach you what to do before, during, and after ALL phases of rehabilitation: acute, subacute, chronic, and wellness/ prevention. 

Physical therapy is not having you do exercises on your own or with a technician. It is not where you see a different therapist at every visit. It is not where you run out of insurance visits and abruptly stop treatment without a future game plan. It is not where you get zero hands-on care from your therapist. It is not where you have machines primarily treating you- ultrasound, estim, traction, hot and cold packs week after week with minimal improvements. 

Unfortunately, most patients who undergo traditional physical therapy lack adequate insurance coverage to support them through that whole spectrum, particularly the wellness and injury prevention phase. The medical model in the U.S. is deeply flawed. And it only seems to be getting worse. 

Therapists may not get to explore their full potential of intuitive healing due to the constraints of time and the current model of medicine driven by health insurance companies. Therapists and physicians are getting burned out and discouraged. They need to be seeking a better way, by training with Ginger Garner, amazing pioneer of the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute, where Medical Therapeutic Yoga for the 21st Century is drastically changing lives for patients, providers, and communities.

Integrative PT with Veronica will guide you through that entire spectrum, meeting you wherever you’re at and letting you go with confidence and independence. She can also address any urgent needs that you have, such as an osteopathic adjustment for a rotated sacrum or pelvis, an annoying facet joint lock in your neck, centralizing referred pain from a bulging disc, or Rolfing out a trigger point in your piriformis or levator scapula. She has trained extensively in Functional Manual Therapy and osteopathic medicine with the Institute of Physical Art for over 9 years. Veronica has been known to help her patients maintain that adjustment and release and prevent recidivism with her unique approach of using Medical Therapeutic Yoga and Medically Based Pilates for the last 13 years. 

Contact Veronica to schedule your first appointment. She would be honored to invest her time and energy into helping you manage your health. She is also available for Medical Therapeutic Yoga inservices in physician and CAM practices, schools, support groups, corporate wellness offices and more. 

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