June 2019

Those who have arthritis tend to experience back and joint pain, stiffness, and a limited range of motion. These symptoms can often be relieved by practicing yoga. This is because its gentle exercises focus on flexibility, balance, and relaxation while also building strength. If you’re considering this option for pain management, here’s a guide to the different ways it can help you.

Why Choose Yoga for Arthritis Management

Gentle, Safe Exercise

When you have arthritis, it can be difficult to stay active, as the impact from many types of exercise can worsen your pain and stiffness. Running on the treadmill, for example, might make your knees ache. Yoga, on the other hand, is a slow, low-impact activity that is gentle on your body. This makes it easier to practice every day, ensuring you get the health benefits of regular exercise, such as improved circulation and lowered risk of high blood pressure. 

Improve Mobility


Bending and stretching every day will improve your flexibility, increasing your range of motion over time. This is still true when arthritis has taken a toll on your mobility. Slowly stretching out the joints with yoga poses helps loosen them and makes movement more comfortable.

Relieve Pain

Since yoga relieves joint stiffness, you’re less likely to feel discomfort when performing daily tasks like cleaning, which require a wide range of motion for bending and picking up items. Also, by boosting your circulation, you’ll promote healing and release endorphins in your brain, which improve your mood and reduce the perception of pain.

Lower Stress

Stress can sometimes worsen the inflammation caused by arthritis, increasing your symptoms. Yoga is a calm, relaxing activity that encourages you to move and be aware of your body. It also often involves meditation and breathing techniques, which help relieve stress. Not only will this work toward managing your pain, but it will also teach you to live in the moment and be mindful of your body.

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