September 2019

In 1965, 4% of our population had a chronic disease.

Today, 46% of our children have a chronic disease.

In 1975, only 1 in 5000 children had autism.

Today, 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism.

1 in 3 males are infertile.

1 in 4 females are infertile.

It is predicted that by the year 2100, the human race will become extinct.

We are injuring ourselves way faster than we can heal.

What can we do to change the trajectory of our health and the human species in America?

I’ve recently spent hundreds of dollars on doctor’s visits and blood tests ordered by our pediatric gastroenterologist, only to come to the conclusion that my 5 year old daughter has a gluten intolerance. After dealing with eczema, stomach aches, irritability, hyperactivity, constipation and incontinence, I finally received confirmation that she has non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Looking in retrospect, I regret that I didn’t just keep her on a gluten-free diet after seeing her symptoms subside and nearly disappear years ago. Instead, I needed validation from a medical doctor that she was truly diagnosed with gluten sensitivity. The doctor warned that if her genes tested positive for celiac disease, and continued eating wheat gluten, then she could be diagnosed with colon or stomach cancer as an adult. That scared me.

My daughter’s (and my entire family’s) gluten sensitivity isn’t just a genetic issue. It’s a food chain issue. Even if we eat 70% organic and 30% conventional foods, we have still experienced the negative effects of gluten sensitivity…which manifests itself through a variety of symptoms like anxiety and depression, gas and bloating, eczema and allergies, brain fog and hyperactivity. I do not want to continue on a path that could eventually lead to cancer, autoimmune disorders, autism and Alzheimer’s disease. This issue is not in wheat alone. It’s also a big problem in corn, soy, canola and many fruits and vegetables, listed in the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen list.

After being introduced to Dr. Zach Bush while researching the latest science on cellular healing, Redox cell signaling, epigenetics and the gut microbiome, I learned more about the depressing state of the majority of our farmers being dependent on chemicals, namely Monsanto‘s Roundup Ready glyphosate and GMO cropseed.

As quoted by Dr. Zach Bush: “Since the inception of glyphosate in 1996, cancer and autism rates have exploded. Some massive environmental injury has caused this explosive rise in these chronic inflammatory diseases…not just early detection and diagnosis. The very foods that we consume on a daily basis are being chemically treated in heavily degraded soils, and are totally nutrient-deficient.”

Glyphosate in wheat, corn, canola, soybeans, sugar beets and vegetables should be completely avoided. As well as LibertyLink, the new gene manufactured by Bayer CropScience, the #1 Big Pharma company who recently bought Monsanto in 2017 for almost $70 Billion.

We have an opportunity to overcome the fear. There is a grassroots movement of Regenerative Agriculture, Food Independence and Planetary Evolution. Farmers are reclaiming their right to become independent from the pharmaceutical industry. A few of them can be found here at Farmers Footprint and Regeneration International.

Here are a few of the steps that my family and I have taken to fight the war on chemicals in our food by Big Agriculture and Big Pharma in order to sustain optimal health and well-being:

1. Buying as much organic food as possible, and staying up to date on the dirty dozen list.

2. Limiting gluten, corn and soy as much as possible. Avoiding conventional wheat altogether.

3. Consuming cellular health products such as ASEA and RESTORE to assist detoxification, detection, repair, and cell renewal in the gut, brain and entire body.

4. Avoiding all unnecessary vaccinations such as flu and HPV, as well as delaying vaccines to our children (practicing this since 2002).

5. Supporting farmers who are trying to break free from chemical GMO crop seed and transition to no-till, no-spray farms to allow healing and regeneration to their land within 12 months.

6. Consideration now of a Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet.

7. Being challenged to become more socially responsible to care for our precious earth and all living things.

8. Spreading the word.

“If you’ve never heard about the amazing potential of regenerative agriculture and land use practices to naturally sequester a critical mass of CO2 in the soil and forests, you’re not alone. One of the best-kept secrets in the world today is that the solution to global warming and the climate crisis (as well as poverty and deteriorating public health) lies right under our feet, and at the end of our knives and forks.”

~Ronnie Cummins, Regeneration International Steering Committee Member

“What transformed me as a doctor, is the realization that everything that I was taught in medical school, was at a very narrow perspective. And it wasn’t working in my patients. We had to re-evaluate at a much more global standpoint. But we can’t shift the momentum by working with one cancer patient at a time. It’s way too slow. I know I’m now at the root cause of the human epidemic. Patients and farmers will stew steep intellectual questions in multidisciplinary environments outside the hallowed halls of academia, far beyond the classrooms and look at Mother Earth as our template. We need to find our passion and purpose in not just fixing things, but just being still for a moment together, have respect for each other to listen to each other.”

~Zach Bush, MD

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