September 2019

In 1965, 4% of our population had a chronic disease. Today, 46% of our children have a chronic disease. In 1975, only 1 in 5000 children had autism. Today, 1 in 59 children are diagnosed with autism. 1 in 3 males are… Read More

August 2019

My Personal Health Challenges We all desire optimal health. We try to do the best we can, but we are imperfect human beings just trying to live a balanced life. I have been struggling with managing my hormone imbalances from neuroendocrine dysregulation… Read More

July 2019

Yoga and Pilates are popular practices to improve stability, flexibility and alleviate joint, back and neck pain. While they provide many of the same benefits, including strengthening the core and providing stress relief, they have different origins and methods. If you’re considering exploring these methods… Read More

June 2019

Those who have arthritis tend to experience back and joint pain, stiffness, and a limited range of motion. These symptoms can often be relieved by practicing yoga. This is because its gentle exercises focus on flexibility, balance, and relaxation while also building strength. If you’re… Read More

May 2019

Free radicals are molecules that have a missing electron, which makes them unstable and reactive in the body. Antioxidants, minerals and nutrients found in certain foods, supply electrons to stabilize these molecules. Oxidative stress, which happens when there aren’t enough antioxidants in the body… Read More

April 2019

Whether you sit at a desk all day or exercise 5 days a week, you might be suffering from neck pain or back pain. Therapeutic Pilates uses a range of exercises to promote spine stabilization, coordination, strength and flexibility. If you want to learn more about this… Read More

March 2019

I’ll never forget that day I was walking home from school in 5th grade…that is walking on my hands on the sidewalk. After about 15 feet into it, I suddenly felt my elbows quiver, and then WHAM! I face-planted right into the sidewalk and skinned my cheekbone! I… Read More

February 2019

Recently, I have been making the effort to purge unnecessary “time suckers” out of my life: social media and excessive time spent on my cell phone.  My business requires a significant amount of time on my MacBook or iPhone: emailing, scheduling, bookkeeping, marketing/graphic design, social media and website… Read More

January 2019

Happy New Year! By now, the middle of this month, you have contemplated what resolutions or new goals you want to focus on in 2019. I can’t help but focus on looking back at 2018, remembering what I experienced and learned, before moving ahead. I have been… Read More

Are you exercising to build or maintain strength, but sometimes feel worse during or afterwards and experience increased pain in your back, neck, knees or hips? Do you have a known medical condition that might be worsened with certain exercises and you’re… Read More