February 2019 Newsletter

Hello! Recently, I have been making the effort to purge unnecessary “time suckers” out of my life: social media and excessive time spent on my cell phone.  My business requires a significant amount of time on my MacBook or iPhone: emailing, scheduling, bookkeeping, marketing/graphic design, social media and… Read More

January 2019 Newsletter

Happy New Year! By now, the middle of this month, you have contemplated what resolutions or new goals you want to focus on in 2019. I can’t help but focus on looking back at 2018, remembering what I experienced and learned, before moving ahead. I have been… Read More

Integrative PT For The Spine

This PowerPoint presentation will help show you how to maximize spine stability to manage pain, weakness, & instability. Integrative Physical Therapy for the Spine JAN 2017

Are you exercising to build or maintain strength, but sometimes feel worse during or afterwards and experience increased pain in your back, neck, knees or hips? Do you have a known medical condition that might be worsened with certain exercises and you’re… Read More

It is great to be back. I’ve been on an 18 month hiatus from my professional career as a PT, staying home with my third child. I haven’t been in private practice since 2008. While I was sole owner of Mission Physical… Read More