Balance Mind/Body/Spirit
with Medical Therapeutic Yoga™  

Medical Therapeutic Yoga™ is more than just a workout for the body. Professional Yoga Therapist, Veronica Whetsel will train you in balancing your body, mind and spirit to achieve your desired results for whole-body health. This specialized biomechanical yoga practice emphasizes postures that focus on joint decompression, deep breathing and spine stabilization to reduce pain, stress and anxiety. You will learn which postures are safe or unsafe for any special conditions you might have.


Wellness Evaluation (75-90 minutes) $225

Includes thoroughly reviewing past medical history, history of present illness, any and all secondary issues, Professional Yoga Therapy Functional Movement Assessment, stability, gait, balance, palpation, strength, and range of motion assessment, goal setting, plan, and initial home program. Wear comfortable clothing and layers.

Follow Up MTY Training Sessions (55 minutes) $140

Includes but is not limited to Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Pilates Mat/Reformer/Tower lessons, Osteopathic Medicine (Muscle Energy Technique, Functional Manual Therapy), Individualized Home Program Progression.

4 Private Sessions $504 ($126/Session; 3 month expiration)

8 Private Sessions $952 ($119/Session; 6 month expiration)

12 Private Sessions $1344 ($112/Session; 12 month expiration)



Tuesdays & Thursdays 10:30-11:45AM (Level 1-2)

MTY Single Drop-In Class $35

MTY 6 Pack Classes $189 (10% Savings; 3 month expiration)

MTY 12 Pack Classes $357 (15% Savings; 6 month expiration)

Everyone is welcome to attend. Transferring up/down off of the floor is required, but there are chairs available to assist. Excellent for prehab, rehab, post-rehab for most orthopedic and neurological conditions. Great for healthcare professionals, physical therapy students, personal trainers, Yoga and Pilates instructors who want to observe and implement medically-based yoga algorithms for special conditions.

Please bring your own yoga mat, yoga strap, Mexican style yoga blankets (2) and water bottle. Mats, blocks, blankets and straps are available in the classroom to borrow if needed.

What is Medical Therapeutic Yoga?

Medical Therapeutic Yoga™ is the practice of yoga in medicine, rehabilitation, and wellness settings instructed by a licensed health care professional who has graduated from the Professional Yoga Therapy Institute and credentialed as a Professional Yoga Therapist. 

Medical Therapeutic Yoga™ uses the Biopsychosocial (BPS) model of care, something both the World Health Organization and the Institute of Medicine endorse. The BPS model provides personalized medicine, where the patient is the main focus and attends not only to their physical needs but also their mental/intellectual, psycho-emotional, social, energetic and spiritual needs.

Medical Therapeutic Yoga™ was developed over 20 years ago by Dr. Ginger Garner, MPT, ATC, PYT, DPT, the founder of a grassroots movement to improve healthcare in America.  She is an educator in Medical Therapeutic Yoga™, orthopedics, trauma victims and women’s health. MTY can radically transform healthcare for the 21st century. That is the sole mission of Dr. Ginger Garner and her students all over the world. 

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